+Store Communication
+flyer & guide layout
+sign concepts
+project planning
+art direction

Internship and freelance work at IKEA Marketing & Communications AB, Älmhult, Sweden. Mainly worked with in-store communication tasks, and product communication, producing global communication for IKEA Stores, such as buying guides, home furnishing guides, overview signs, product signs, and tags. Independently handled order, production, and securing delivery for print, also handling the contact with assignors for the proofing process. After my internship I got to continue freelance work within the same department, working with illustrations for story signs and story tags.  
JÄTTELIK story sign | ©IKEA
JÄTTELIK story sign | ©IKEA
JÄTTELIK Story Illustration  | ©IKEA
JÄTTELIK Story Illustration | ©IKEA
Story Sign  | ©IKEA
Story Sign | ©IKEA
TIPHEDE Story Tag  | ©IKEA
RINGSTORP Overview Guide | ©IKEA
RINGSTORP Overview Guide | ©IKEA
FÖRNYANDE Story Signs  | ©IKEA
FINNALA Overview Sign  | ©IKEA
FINNALA Overview Sign | ©IKEA
SKULTORP Overview Sign  | ©IKEA
SKULTORP Overview Sign | ©IKEA
BONDHOLMEN Story Sign Illustration  | ©IKEA
BONDHOLMEN Story Sign Illustration | ©IKEA
BARKTORP Overview Sign  | ©IKEA
BARKTORP Overview Sign | ©IKEA
SÖDERHAMN Buying Guide  | ©IKEA
SÖDERHAMN Buying Guide | ©IKEA
Story Sign  | ©IKEA
Story Sign | ©IKEA
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